Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lineup changes?

As KC Futbol noted in his practice observations post, there are lineup changes probable for this week. Obviosly Roger Espinoza has to come out of the lineup for his second straight red card but there may be more than just inserting a midfielder in his place.

Claudio Lopez played much of the scrimmage in the wide left spot. In the second half Sealy and Trujilio played up top while Arnaud, Victorine and Morsink rounded out the midfield. The defense will probably be the same as last week. Zavagnin looks to be out with a nagging injury as he watched practice and did not participate.

Even with Kerry out and Espinoza suspended, Marinelli can no longer crack the starting lineup. Has he fallen out of favor as well?

These changes may be just practicing for different game situations but I think it more likely evidence of a continuing evolution of the team formation. I will check out practice tomorrow and see if these changes stay in place.

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