Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodbye Eloy

I am sad to say, Eloy Colombano is no longer a Kansas City Wizard. I am not sure of the details but I think he was released outright. I am sure an announcement will be forthcoming soon.

I also have to give him a lot of respect. He was watching practice and cheering on his now former team mates as they scrimmaged.

My daughter is going to be mad as hell. Her favorite player last year was Nick and he was traded. Her favorite player this year was Eloy and her next favorite is Chance (she is only 4 and she likes the guys with hair). So Eloy gets released and Chance does not get to play often. I hate to let anyone know that her next favorite is Claudio Lopez, he may end up getting benched.

UPDATE (23:40)- Confirmation reported by Pete Grathoff of the KC Star. Apparently it was by "Mutual Agreement".

“He’s very homesick,” technical director Peter Vermes said. “He got married this past offseason, he’s got a new son, and they live there and he lives here.

This matches what I was told and saw. Eloy did not want to leave but seemed like he had made the best decision. Good luck Eloy.

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