Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Media soccer practice

Members of the media showed up at the training facility to get in a little practice before the big media game on July 10th. Well okay, two people were there. Bryan Truta from Jack FM and Cherryh Butler of Ink Magazine. I think Bryan is much more familiar with soccer but I am pretty confident that Cherryh will be able to run circles around him.

Bryan interviews Cherryh...

Truta demonstrating his superior skills.

But Cherryh is not too bad at close range...

Cherryh and KZ practice the Balls flying at my face skill.

Everyone is happy and poses all around.

I have heard there may be a draft to pick teams. If I was a team captain I am pretty sure Cherryh would be on my team. You can read more at including an interview with Bryan Truta as well. More shots of practice (Wizards and media) at

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