Monday, July 7, 2008

FC Atlas AC practice

Atlas was practicing at the Kansas City Wizards training facility today. It was of great interest to me to watch another team besides the Wizards practice so I could compare what they did. They are running two a days right now practicing in the morning and the evening so I will miss most of their evening practices.
It appeared to me (I could be completly wrong) that they broke into first and second teams for running drills. I thought the one group of players were a little more talented based upon their crosses and shots. That concept was reinforced when I asked an Atlas staffer (through a translator) who the best players were. Everyone he pointed out was on one end shooting/running crossing drills. Everyone else was on the other end running crossing drills as well. The coach(s) on the second team end did seem to be more vocal and encouraging than the first team side (or the Wizards coaches).

I believe this is their number one keeper. (Please let me know if I am wrong)

And this is their backup goalie (again, let me know if I am wrong).

After awhile the goalies switched ends but the field players stayed where they were and shot on the new goalie. Both goalies looked to be pretty good. They were especially good on anyhing close to them and anything in the air near the goal mouth. They both looked a little vulnerable to the low shots. At one point both Atlas goalies watched Hartman and Kartunen practicing and gave a very approving look. I thought this was interesting as after the Wizards keepers finished, they sat and watched Atlas practice for awhile as well.

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