Thursday, July 10, 2008

FC Atlas practice 07/08/2008

I have watched the morning practice session of FC Atlas this week. On Tuesday they ran some fitness/agility drills. They hopped over hurdles, into hoops, sometimes on one leg and then receive a pass and had to shoot on a small goal.

One of their better players jumping over the hurdles.

They ran through some crossing heading drills that were impressive, header after header on goal.

At one point, I counted nine out of ten crosses connected with an onrushing attacker and were directed into the goal. While I am sure they did not head that well throughout the entire practice, it was pretty good finishing. I almost felt sorry for the goalie.

This is Diego Colotto, he is their captain, a defender and one of the more talented players I have ever seen in person. He is from Argintina, think we could trade for him?

For the rest of the photos, check out Atlas practice 07/08/2008.

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