Monday, July 14, 2008

Goodbye Scott

Scott Sealy was traded to San Jose today. Scott, you will be missed. He will join former Wizard Nick Garcia. Good luck Scott, I wish you luck.

Scott in practice.

Scott getting air against the Red Bulls.

The Wizards received an undisclosed amount of allocation money in return. While Scott was a good player and his prospects were looking up with Josh Wolff returning to the team, it was probably a very smart move by the Wizards. Scott has not consistently found the back of the net this year as the number one striker. Sealy has always seemed to thrive when he was in a better players shadow or coming from the bench but he did not seem to gel with Lopez when Claudio was playing up top either. Not that anyone on the team has stepped up.

This move allows the Wizards to make their next step and hopefully acquire more of a target player.

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