Thursday, July 10, 2008

Josh Wolff introduced as the newest Kansas City Wizard

Josh Wolff was officially introduced at the Wizards press conference today. He received the obligatory jersey with his name on it from coach and then answered a few questions.

Josh poses with is new jersey.

They were asked about the plan to get Josh into the lineup. Coach replied that they have a 30 day plan to have Josh ready for a 90 minute game. Sounds to me like he may get some coming off the bench time in the next league game. Earlier in the week Coach had said they were hopeful they could get him into the match with Atlas on Friday but they have been informed that they are not allowed to use him until the 15th.

Coach also said he would play forward for the Wizards. Said he was a player that they had targeted to keep before he even got the job, Josh gets time with National Team because he works well with others, etc...

It was also announced that Jimmy Conrad was selected to the All Star game.


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