Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kansas City Wizards 0 - 0 Chicago Fire

Forwards: Not good enough.
Claudio Lopez – Claudio looks like he is ready to score a highlight reel goal at any minute. Maybe he needs to play a little more simple and shoot a little more often. I still like him in the midfield better.
Josh Wolff - Lots of half chances in Josh’s own words, they looked like a few real scoring chances that were not finished to me.

Midfielders: The midfield held it’s own, at times they were outplayed and at times they controlled. Overall break even.
Davy Arnaud – Keeps running at them and keeps them on their toes
Kurt Morsink – Kurt continues to improve upon his solid play,
Sasha Victorine – Sasha comes close to scoring again but still can not finish.
Roger Espinoza – While Roger racks up minutes, his experience and confidence grows. His offensive abilities are starting to threaten on a regular basis. Managed to play around the Card generating Blanco and not get more than a yellow.

Defenders: As a group, can’t fault the result. No goals given up, only a couple good opportunities for Chicago and the best part, Blanco did nothing for a change.
Jack Jewsbury – Helped keep Blanco in check, did not seem to get into offense as much as he did the previous game.
Aaron Hohlbein – Did not see Aaron much, which I think means he did his job well. The few times he stood out were all well played.
Jimmy Conrad – MLS All-Star, Captain,
Michael Harrington – Along with Jack kept Blanco from doing much, good game but also kept from getting into offense enough

Goalie: There was only one so you can read the comments on Kevin below.
Kevin Hartman – Not challenged a lot but made every save, can’t ask for much more.

Subs: Could not spark offense so they were also not good enough. Were they too late for a tired Josh and Claudio?
Ryan Pore – Seems to almost create something but just does not quite get there.
Ivan Trujillo – Supposed to be our big presence up front, played smaller than he is.
Nelson Pizarro – Made sub bench, got first MLS time. Happy to see his reserve work rewarded. At times looked a little overmatched but settled down as the game went on.

Supporters: Both groups of supporters represented well
Cauldron – This group continues to mature and improve. Flags, banners, streamers…
Fire supporters – Had the largest traveling section so far this year. Could even hear them occasionally.

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  1. My wife and daughter we at that game. I know the Fire supporters were across the field from you, and being a baseball field it's quite a distance. I can tell you that on their side they were definitely a presence, and definitely loud. I haven't seen the game yet but based on my wife's comments I think I agree with one of your previous posts, the just can't seem to play a whole game.