Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kansas City Wizards 2 - 1 New York Red Bulls

I got a chance to shoot from the field for the game with the Red Bulls. It was a lot of fun and I learned a bit about shooting from down there. I took a ton of shots (used 2 lenses and 2 bodies), over 1400 total I think, really not sure of that count. I even took a couple hundred of the Media Game at half time.

Just a few from the game…

Celebration of Conrad’s goal.

Cauldron celebrating.

Hey Conway.... It's all your fault!!!

Goldthwaite trying to make sure Jimmy does not get a second goal

I do not have too many from the second half. Once the sun set I was not able to get any good shots, the lighting is just not good at CAB and I do not have good enough equipment (not that many really do). I will upload what I have soon. Here is the Wizards vs Red Bulls Gallery.

I will do another post with shots of the media game soon.

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