Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 07/24/2008

The team practiced at CAB today. After warmups the team ran through a few drills.

The team did some of the normal small keep away games then they ran what I will call a half court practice. The first team defended and the reserves attacked. Coach was instructing them on certain game situations to expect in the next game.

They then scrimmaged for awhile. Mostly what I would assume are starters vs reserves but some players were traded up a little bit. Coaches made some bogus calls to give restarts from various positions. They even gave a PK to Lopez (there was a handball in the box and Claudio did score). Arnaud scored on a laser to the top right corner and then there was this sequence for the 2nd team.

Lining up the wall.

Striking the ball...
Just deflects off of the wall...
Kevin quickly reacts to the deflection...

But can not quite keep it from crossing the line.

Nelson Pizarro focuses on the ball. I would like to see him make the bench someday soon.

The rest of the practice photos can be found Wizards practice 07-24-2008

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  1. Still can't defend a free kick.....geez.