Saturday, July 12, 2008

Media game at Wizards halftime

The media played at half time of the Wizards-Red Bulls game. While most of them did not display a lot of skill, there were a few exceptions.
KC Futbol (Andrew) bringing the ball up the field

Jake Gutierrez (Sports Radio 810) played well in goal. Smothering the ball and taking down Holly Starr (38 the Spot) at the same time takes skill.

Gutierrez did get screwed when the guest ref accidently kicked the ball to Bob Rusert ( who managed to score the only goal despite the incredible efforts of the white team keeper. He made the initial save.

But was unable to keep the rebound from being put away.
Somehow he was not thrown out of the game when he took retribution on the ref who just turtled under the assault.
The rest of the photos can be seen at Media Game gallery

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