Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Open Cup results

I know many fans are unhappy that the Wizards were unable to beat a lowly USL team. Hmmm..., let's look at the scoreboard tonight.

New England 1 - 1 Crystal Palace Baltimore: The Revolution squeak by on PKs (5-3)
DC United 2 - 1 Chicago Fire
FC Dallas 1 - 3 Charleston Battery
Seatle Sounders 0 - 0 Kansas City Wizards: Sounders win on PKs (6-5)

New England (at home) barely gets by a USL Second division team and it looks like they had more starters than the Wizards.

DC United rallies back to beat Chicago at home. The only game where an MLS team was a clear winner and that is because they played another MLS team.

FC Dallas loses to a USL team at home. Dallas had more starters than the Wizards in the lineup as well.

Wizards reserve team holds off a pretty good USL team in the Sounders and then lose the crap shoot known as Penalty Kicks. There were a number of good chances created for both teams.

Yes it could have been better but it also could have been worse. The Wizards played the reserve team in this game and will play the senior team on Thursday. Too many games, not enough depth means the Coach had to make a choice which game to concentrate on.

On Monday, Coach was asked about the schedule congestion. I can not quote precisely but he definately conveyed the feeling that he was unhappy with the way this schedule turned out. True to his policy of not making excuses, he did not whine about it.

He said he was taking a team to Seattle that was capable of winning. He did that. The team could have won tonight. If they were a little more lucky, they could have won in the PK's. There were also several goal scoring opportunities missed, flubbed, hesitated or just weak, but any of those could have won the game. Yes Seattle had too many good chances as well. Fortunately Kronberg (who played really well), the defense and the goal itself managed to stop them.

The team chose which games are most important to them. In MLS, the salary cap and rosters are too small to have reserve teams that are only slightly less than the senior team. With Souter out, Marinelli hurt and Wolff unable to play yet, they had to make a choice. Maybe it was the right choice and maybe it wasn't.

We also played on the road. Interestingly the only team to win on the road was Charleston. I think the new coach in Dallas is a wee bit unhappy right now. In the future, when we have an actual stadium, these games will be played here more often.
Yes I wanted to win. Yes, I was swearing at the USLLIVE feed when we missed our chances. Yes I was hoping that Kronberg would somehow block that last PK. But in the end, we lost. Now we can focus on Thursday and move on.
I will exit the soapbox now...

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