Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Practice observations, news and rumors… 07-15-2008

No new faces at practice today. I was hoping I would be able to report on the new player we got with the allocation money from Sealy.

Speaking of allocation money, Ives is reporting that the Wizards received $125,000 in allocation money. I have also heard that the number was $150K, but that is not substantiated yet. Why would San Jose give that much money for a forward who has scored twice this year? Maybe they owe us a favor for sending them Nick in exchange for a draft pick, or they realize they are not going to use it this year and wanted to get something of value. The Wizards, while a little short of quality forwards, realize that they can get something for Scott this year. If they wait until the end of the year he will likely leave for foreign shores and they would receive no value in return. Yes he was going to leave at the end of the year, I am sure he feels he can be paid more somewhere, anywhere else. He is another example of how horribly some MLS players are compensated. Not blaming the Wizards in this case, it is just the league.

Wolff will likely play 45 minutes Thursday in Columbus. Coach feels he is ready to play that much. Will he start or come in at half? My guess is he will sub in but who knows.

Marinelli? Still not at practice and it is my understanding that he is not even in the country at this point. The official “off the record” statement was that he is at home taking care of some personal issues and getting treatment for his injury. Have we seen the last of him also?

I know last night I mentioned that Peter Vermes is always on the phone. So today I did not see him on the phone at all. He was out kicking the ball around at the end of practice and he seemed to be in a really good mood. May not mean anything but hopefully he was happy and relaxed because he just signed the next great player.

Even Coach looked relaxed and happy...


  1. You, sir/ma'am, have a very shaky understanding of the meaning of "off the record."

  2. Perhaps...

    Maybe I should have said the "anonymous official said"...

    The phrasing was actually litle Tounge-in-cheek joking with the person who told me this info.

    It was told to me and I was told I could use it...