Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who will the Kansas City Wizards add to the roster: part 1

At the press conference, Coach was asked about the Sealy trade. He wished Scott success and seemed to genuinely mean it. He talked about the relationships that are built and how it is hard in this business sometimes. He reiterated that yes it is a business and the team needs to do what is right for the team. The offer was too good to turn down. It sounds like they have pursued Scott for a long time (all this year).

Coach also gave the distinct impression that they were actively trying to use that allocation in a trade with another MLS team. When he was asked about players outside of MLS, he said of course they have along list of players they are looking at but I was left thinking they are looking inside MLS for this next player.

Three way trade with Toronto and Chicago maybe? I have some speculation on this but I want to do a little investigation before I comment publicly.

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