Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wizards practice 07/08/2008 and misc notes

Yesterday when I watched the Wizards practice, Josh Wolff looked good but not really in the flow of the scrimmage he was in. Today was a whole different story. It was a small side (5v5 plus goalies) and Josh was very involved. He was really working well with Davy and Claudio on his team. He defended well and attacked very well.

Josh and Davy

Josh shooting and scoring

I must confess that I was trying to watch both Atlas and the Wizards practice at the same time so I know I missed a lot on both sides. If Josh can play and work with his team like he did today, we are in for some better times as Wizards fans.
Yesterday I speculated that Andrew Kartunen might get to travel to Seattle, I was wrong. You can go to this gallery to see who did not go to Seattle today. Reports were that Conrad and Harrington were the only starters that traveled and that sounds correct based upon who was at practice today.
No Carlos at practice again today.
I will post some impressions of Atlas later today.

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