Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wizards practice 07-16-2008 returns and new looks

With Scott Sealy gone, Josh Wolff in camp and ready to play (at least part of the game), the Wizards will definitely have at least a couple new looks this week. One of them is Michael Harrington, he is certainly going to be noticed on the field. He is currently in the lead for hair style at the moment.

Josh Wolff is the subect of a very fussy feature photo for the Star.

It was entertaining to watch, even Claudio thought so.

Yesterday I reported that Carlos Marinelli was not in camp. Today he was. He jogged and did basic fitness activities. When I asked why he was gone, the answer was "it was no big deal apparently".

The Thursday press conference was held today instead. Coach talking about his team and players.

Kurt Morsink was the player at press conference today. Here he is talking about his assist with Davy in the last game and the next games lineup.

Lance Watson at practice.

The rest of todays photos can be seen at Wizards practice gallery 07-16--2008

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