Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Davy Arnaud interview part 1

The winner (or loser) of the vote to be interviewed was Davy Arnaud. I managed to get a few minutes after practice this morning and he willingly answered questions. Thanks to Mike at Down The Byline for participating in this joint effort. I will post the rest of the answers a little later, enjoy...

Are there any nicknames you guys have for Wizards players that the Cauldron really should know?

If you could bring in 1 player from another MLS team who would it be? DPs or grandfathered DPs don't count. The first voice you hear on this is Jimmy Conrad, he was walking by and heard part of the question.

How would you rate your personal performance this season so far?

Do you read the blogs and bigsoccer and see what's said about the team?

I will get the rest up as soon as I can.

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