Sunday, August 10, 2008

Interview Poll

In the interest of better serving our readers, Mike of Down The Byline and I are working together. We will setup interviews with a player of your choice (if possible). We have selected 4 players that you may want to ask a question or two. The selection was based upon their performance in the last game and the probability that I can get them to stop for a few minutes to talk. Go to the poll on the side of this blog and vote for who you want interviewed. You can also vote at Down The Byline and both votes count. One of the few times you can vote more than once (if you do not live in Chicago). Leave questions in the comments to this post and at the post on Down The Byline. Let us know if it is a player specific question or a general question to any player. Please be reasonably polite. I am not going to ask a player why they are #$%&*@...

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  1. If your sole job was the short-term growth of the Wizards fanbase and increasing appreciation for the sport within the community, what would you do?