Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 08-13-2008

Stopped by practice Wednesday morning. When I arrived, half the team was running passing/shooting drills and the other half was working on set pieces.

Midfielder to wing to forward or wing to forward to mid; whatever the combination they practiced (and there were several), it created lots of shots on goalies.

Boris Pardo about to catch a shot...

Eric Kronberg knocks shot to the side...

Carlos Marinelli launching a shot...

After drills, the team scrimmaged. One team was the starting lineup from the last game and they played the reserves. The following are a few shots from the scrimmage. You can see the rest at

Harrington did get dinged and came out of the game. Myers took his place. It did not look too serious but we will see how he looks tomorrow.

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  1. Thad,

    The picture of Davy looks awesome. It's now on my desktop. Keep up the good work!!