Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 08-20-2008

Went out to practice today. I did not see anyone that did not participate so it looks like everyone was healthy enough. They ran through some normal drills, goalie drills and then scrimmages. Orange, green and gray teams seemed pretty evenly split with players so no clues as to who will be in the next starting lineup. Decent play all around but special mention goes to Ryan Pore, he score several goals in the scrimmages. I know this is not a picture of Ryan but I did not get a good shot of him today.

One interesting moment involved Kevin Hartman. Davy Arnaud gets off a low hard shot that Kevin managed to block, but it was how he blocked it...

Click on the photo below for a larger view but I think you may be able to tell by his expression how he blocked that shot. There was a very loud exclamation that pretty well cracked up all the observers. I don't think I ever heard it phrased that way...

Kevin did leave goal at that point and took a little walk around to feel better. I think he will be okay.

After practice I had a chance to interview Kerry. I will have the audio up in little while...

One other note, I did not see any trialists. Peter had said that he was looking at them for next year so maybe they have went home. I wonder if they will be at the African combine next year as well.

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