Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Zavagnin retirement audio

Kerry Zavagnin in the Chivas game...

I wanted to put up some additional audio from the press conference. Many fans have already expressed the desire for Kerry to become an assistant coach for the Wizards. Prior to admitting this was his last season, he talked about getting his coaching license and wanting to coach someday. He would like to coach the Wizards when that spot is open in the future.
I agree with all the fans that would like to see him be an assistant coach next year. If you ever sit close enough to hear the players on the field, you have most likely heard him coaching on the field already. If you ever go to practices, you will see him helping other players and directing them when needed.

In this clip, Kerry Zavagnin talks about the fact that he would like to coach in KC someday.

Kerry Zavagnin talks about getting his coaching license, proving peoples expectations wrong...

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