Monday, August 18, 2008

Peter Vermes interview part 1

I had a chance to have a conversation/interview with Peter last Friday. Peter was very willing to talk and let me take up 20 minutes of his time. Just before we talked, he had practiced with the team. The starters all did light workouts that morning. The rest of the players broke into teams and played some scrimmages. One team was a little old, Peter, Coaches Onalfo and Kelderman were on one team.

I just started this off with noting that the International Trade window for MLs closed that day.

I asked if there was anything he could tell me about the two trialists that are in camp. He talks a little about them and then some more about bringing in international players to the league.

This is the trialist who played in the reserve game with Rockhurst.

I then asked about the MLS trade window. That led to a couple more questions that I kept in this one clip.

I will post the rest of the interview later today or tonight when I have a chance.

I want to say thanks to Peter for taking time out to talk with me.

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