Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sasha Victorine interview and other stuff from practice 08-14-2008

Went out to practice today and got a little wet. Not as bad as most of the players. First team players were running offensive set piece drills when I got there. Looked real good. Some extremely sharp passing and nice finishing. Hope it goes that well in the game.

Here is Sasha looking a little more damp than usual.

I managed to talk to Sasha for a couple minutes before he went inside...

Sasha talks about getting his first goal this season.

It seems like the team has had a hard time playing the full 90, there is often a 10 or 15 minute period that the team does not play well. It that something the team is working on?

Comically, after the rains today, the grounds crew turned on the wrong sprinklers and soaked a couple of our goalies getting ready to practice some drills. I had my camera put away so by the time I got it ready again I was only able to catch these two shots.

I talked with David Ficklin for a couple minutes today as well. He had no real knews to share about the stadium. I asked him if the latest postponed meeting worried him. He replied with absolute conviction that it did not. "The project will get done" he said. It is unsure how the timeline might change because of the latest delay. I was going to try to pry more out of him but we were interrupted and he escaped.

Peter Vermes was welcoming in someone for a meeting while Josh Wolff was being interviewed by Pete Grathoff of the Kansas City Star. Nice shoes Josh...

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