Monday, September 1, 2008

Jimmy Conrad Interview

First up - I need to apologize for not getting this up earlier. Last week my daughter got sick and we were keeping up with her when the rest of the family ended up not feeling so good either.

When I added up the votes from Down the Byline and here, Josh Wolff had the most votes to be interviewed. So I headed down to practice on Thursday, the only day I could last week to talk to Josh. Had several questions lined up in my head to be ready.

When I got there, the players who I would describe as potential starters and likely subs were playing soccer tennis. You can see all the shots from that day here.

I think these were the teams:
Coach Onolfo - Vermes
Marinelli - Lopez
Arnaud - Jewsbury
Zavagnin - Conrad
Hohlbein - Marquess
Harrington - Morsink

The final came down to a match between the defending champions (Arnaud and Jewsbury) and the wily veterans (Zavagnin and Conrad). Jimmy and Kerry got out to a 3 point lead but the champs tied it up. The challengers were able to get to game point but could not hold off Davy and Jack's eventual victory. While most of the players seemed to have fun throughout, some taking it a little more seriously than others, Davy remained serious all the way. You could see he did not want to lose, not even a fun game at practice.

Jimmy doing a happy dance...

Davy can not believe he is losing!!!

Fox 4 movie critic Shawn Edwards intervews Lance Watson for documentary about sport movies. It seems Lance is the movie expert, well at least sports movies.

Anyway, back to the interview. As many of you know now, there was a new baby being expected that day and Josh was not at practice. So I defaulted to the next guy in the voting. Jimmy Conrad can always be an interesting interview.

After Jimmy's comment about Josh, I had to pull up a picture of him. I can see what he is talking about.

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