Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 09-10-2008

Today was the first practice I was able to attend since Abe Thompson was acquired. The scrimmage is always interesting since it usually shows what the likely starting lineup will be for the next game. From the looks of it today, Coach is wasting no time in getting the new players into the starting lineup. Unless there are other injuries or someone suddenly gets healthy, here is the lineup I would expect to see.
Wolff - Thompson
Lopez - Jewsbury - Arnaud - Gomez
Harrington - Wahl - Conrad - Leathers

Thompson and Wolff working together in practice...

The opposition team was interesting as well.
Pore - Trujillo
Espinoza - Morsink - Zavagnin - Marinelli
Watson - Souter - McKenzie - Myers

I thought Souter did rather well in the defense.

I had a chance to talk to both Abe and Hercules after practice and will have the audio up later today.

Here is Abe doing a little juggling after practice. He was doing interviews and was unable to get into the after practice shooting game so he played a little on his own.

Ryan lays on ground after narrowly missing his second diving header in a row.

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  1. Ryan Pore narrowly missing yet another shot......color me surprised.