Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 09-25-2008 and press conference

The lineup should be the same as the last two games with the execption of Jack Jewsbury (who is sitting out with card accumulation). In the press conference today, Coach would not divulge who would be playing in place of Jack. Based upon what I saw I think it will be Kurt Morsink starting and Kerry Zavagnin and Kevin Souter will be there to back him up if needed. It does sound like both Kerry and Kurt will be on the bench. I assume that Claudio Lopez will be available as well. After that I am not sure who will be in the 18.

I saw Chance was practicing today and I was told he started back on Tuesday. I did not see anyone that was not practicing so it looks like everyone is healthy enough.
Myers at practice today.

I managed to interview Jonathan Leathers today. What a surprise it was. He knew I was coming to interview him because his mom told him about it. So I guess that means Jonathan's mom reads this blog at least once in awhile. Hi Jonathan's mom!!! I will have the interview up later tonight or first thing in the morning so please check back later.
Leathers in the LA game.

I also talked to Nelson Pizzaro a little while today so that will be some bonus coverage.

I finally posted an interview I did with Kevin Souter from last week. I started it last week so it shows up down below but please check it out as well.

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