Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kevin Souter and David Beckham

I wanted to get this interview up late previosly but everytime I tried something kept getting in the way. It is a little out of date now but I think it is still worth it.

As you most likely know, Kevin Souter got his first MLS minutes when he subbed in for the Wizards against LA. Here is heading to the bench to get ready.

Kevin Souter interview.

After the game, I noticed Kevin walking off the field. He saw Beckham walking up behind him.

Kevin stopped and talked to Beckham.

As Kevin said in the audio, he is a big fan of Beckham. I think it was a big thrill to get into his first game and have his hero on the field really made it special.

At the end of this interview I said I would have to talk to him again in a week or so to talk about his first goal. Guess I got that one right...

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