Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maple Woods College 3 - 0 KCK CC

09/23/2008 - Maple Woods scored a couple minutes in but KCKCC seemed to control the play through most of the first half. KCKCC put too many of their shots wide or high but they certainly managed to keep the Maple Woods goalie busy. He made some good saves and talked his team through the entire time.

I was told a couple days before the game that this would likely be a physical game and they were right. There were hard tackles...

And even a takedown by a keeper.

With KCKCC dominating the first half and being down a goal, I expected them to come out extremely strong in the second half. While I think KCKCC came out ready to play in the second, I had misjudged Maple Woods. They had made a formation change at half and that seemed to frustrate KCKCC.

KCKCC got a few more shots off but the momentem had changed, Maple Woods started pressuring the KCKCC keeper more and more. I had seen this goalie a couple weeks earlier and was very impressed with his play. He kept his team in the game throught most of the second half. Here he guides the ball over the bar...

Securely wraps up a shot...

Here the KCKCC keeper cuts down the angle...

And forces the shot wide.

Eventually the pressure got through. After the second goal slipped through the team was a bit deflated. The keeper never gave up but made an error in clearing the ball which led to this easy shot for a Maple Woods attacker.
Overall it was a good game. It was an entertaining and hardfought game. Even one of the Wizards players stopped by and watched for awhile. If this game was an example of these two teams normal play, I plan to watch as many as possible.
For more photos like this one and the ones above, check out this gallery: Maple Woods vs KCKCC

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