Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nelson Pizzaro interview

I have a backlog of stuff to get posted, so I am starting with this interview with Pizzaro. Sorry it took so long Nelson.

When they first brought him in from the open tryouts I was not very impressed. He has worked and worked on his skills. After practices there is normally a "game" of some sort. They play crossing, one-touch and passing type games. I know it is fun for them but it also helps them improve skills. Nelson is always one of those players. He has improved many of his weaknesses and solidified some of his strengths. I now think he has been a good addition to the team.

In the interview we start by talking about some of those after practice games and we move on to talk about the adjustmant to MLS, not getting too down by not playing and his nickname.

Nelson Pizzaro staying after practice to take shots out at CAB. He had just finished crossing a couple dozen balls into Kevin Souter.

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