Thursday, September 11, 2008

KC Wizards Press Conference - behind the scenes

Since most people do not get to attend the press conferences, I thought I would give a little more context to what is normally seen. This is a typical shot that I would post of Coach talking and very similar to what you would see when you watch it on Metro Sports.

The press conference is held in one of the pavillions in Swope Park. Normally there is at least 2 video cameras: Metro Sports (always since they broadcast it) and Fox or NBC are the next most likely to be there.

This is a view from the back of the pavillion showing the entire setup.

There were 3 TV cameras there at the start of the press conference yesterday. Bob Luder is in the foreground rapidly wtiting his notes in shorthand.

Karen Kornacki in red in the distance and a Spanish language paper interviewing Boris Pardo at the table.

Another shot from the back. A 4th camera crew (2nd NBC) showed up part way through. Abe Thompson sitting at the table waiting for his turn in front of the cameras. Notice food on table? Planet Sub sandwiches and cookies to entice the Media to come back.

Abe getting wired for sound.

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