Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekly Interview #4 - Kevin Souter

The winner of the fan voting to be interviewed this week was Kevin Souter. He was one of the players selected form the open tryouts to come work with the team. His play in practice earned him a spot on the team.

The results of the voting:
Souter - 18
Morsink - 9
Arnaud - 12

He was the overwhelming vote getter at Down The Byline

If Souter had not been injured this season I think he may have already played some minutes in a MLS game. He would have definately had more time with the reserve team.

Usually I catch most of the players right after practice as they are walking to the locker room. With Kevin, I waited another 20 minutes or so. Even with the weather at practice being a little cool and wet, Souter, Kraus, Pardo and Hartman stayed and practiced more.

This is Kevin Souter shooting after practice...

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