Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekly Interview #7 - Jonathan Leathers

The player selected by the fan vote to be interviewed is Jonathan Leathers. He told me that his mom probably stuffed the ballot box. His mom let him know that he was in the fan vote and the fan question that was directed to him so I believe she may have influenced the voting. That is okay, she is a fan as well.

Part 1 - He answers the fan question: Did knowing Harrington and Holhbein help with joining the team? He talks about who he looks up to, his strengths, his hometown, Kansas City...

Part 2 - Jonathan answers his own question, talks about the dealing with adversity and says Hi mom!

I've had a lot of opportunity to watch Jonathan in practice but this was the first time I actually had the chance to talk with him. My observations of him in practice has always been that he is a talented, fast and hardworking rookie. Leathers has been thrown into the fire early and performed well. He is a rookie, he has made his mistakes in games but normally recovers quickly.

I was impressed in person as well.

Leathers closes the distance on Buddle...

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