Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wizards, Media and Robb

I want to point out that Hillcrest Road posted a list of On air media this week. I think this is a good move because it will allow fans to look for and possibly call in to some of these events. I have heard fans in the past express frustration that they did not know Coach or Peter or players were on until it was too late to call. I think this is a good thing and should be repeated as often as possible. Thanks Hillcrest!!!

As many people know, the Wizards have an unusual person at the helm. Robb Heineman takes opportunities to talk to fans in places that traditional leaders would not do. He has a post titled how im feeling tonight over at Hillcrest Road. He has previosly posted at the fan forum as well.
Many fans are not happy with the status of the team and Robb recognizes this.

Hey Robb, I have two questions at the moment.

Can you send me some renderings of the stadium design?

Want to sit down for an interview?

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