Thursday, October 2, 2008

Doubleheader and double good cause...

This Sunday, the Kansas City Wizards take on the Chicago Fire out at Community America Ballpark at 2 PM. The Wizards are fighting for a playoff spot so this is basically a playoff game for them. Hopefully Blanco sleeps through this game as well...

As if that was not a good enough reason to go, there is another game afterwards that will likely be just as entertaining. The Wizards and Fire will play a reserve match as well. This game is critical for the Wizards reserve team since they are right at the top their standings and have a chance to compete for overall first. They will leave open some food stands and let people watch the second game for free. I have been at most of the reserve matches this year and they have been entertaining and hard fought matches.

Possible more important, at least on the people side of the world. Davy Arnaud and Lance Watson both come from Nederland Texas. They were both coached by a man named Brian Arendale. It is my understanding that this man has not only been a good coach, but he has given of himself to the soccer community throughout his life.

Recently Hurricane Ike slammed into Texas. The storm surge flattened Arendale's house. He lost everything.

This weekend, the Wizards will have a 50/50 raffle to raise money to help out Coach Arendale. Please help out of you can. Not only will you be helping out a hurricane victim, but you will be helping out the soccer community and the man helped forge Davy and Lance into great players for the Wizards.

I talked to both Davy and Lance about Coach Arendale. Here is some quick clips of what they had to say:

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