Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Interview Poll #9

Mike of Down The Byline and I are continuing the weekly interview poll. We will setup interviews with a player of your choice (if possible).

Cast your vote and leave a comment with a question you would like to ask the player. We will of course ask additional questions as time permits. Go to the poll on the side of this blog and vote for who you want interviewed. You can also vote at Down The Byline and both votes count.

Leave questions in the comments to this post and at the post on Down The Byline. Let us know if it is a player specific question or a general question to any player.

Michael Harrington - Second year player scored Wizards lone goal
Kevin Hartman- Standout goalie would have had clean sheet without the PK call
Roger Espinoza - Has had some rough spots but finding consistent playing time
Tyson Wahl - Another brick in the defensive wall

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