Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kansas City Wizards 3 - 2 San Jose Earthquakes

That was fun. What a great night. I do not know where to begin...
The fans were able to honor 2 of their favorite Wizards. Kerry Zavagnin's last regular season home game deserved a special display and it was delivered.
This is part of the display before the game. Many Cauldron members posing with THE centerpice of Kerry's TIFO. This may have been the largest full color display in MLS history.
Kerry is hugged by the Cauldron...
The game itself was great. A last second goal to end the game by Herculez Gomez, Claudio Lopez showing glimpses of his old form and some great play on both teams made it as good as it gets.
Here the ball is just crossing the goalline on the winning goal.
Herc and Jack start to celebrate as San Jose players have barely moved.
After the game, fireworks. Okay fireworks are always cool but these were better than normal for a few reasons. We won, in dramatic fashion no less. That is always a bonus.
The Cauldron. As Cauldron founding father Sam noted, the "fireworks show music was the Cauldron, going non-stop, for the 10+ minutes of the pyro display over the south stand. Spectacular, indeed." Agreed..., Spectacular indeed...
Don't tell anyone but I snuck my daughter onto the field during the fireworks. She danced to the Cauldron singing WOAS, 'Oh Kerry, Kerry' and others for the entire time. Could not have been scripted better for me.
After the fireworks ended, former Wizard Nick Garcia was brought over to the Cauldron to be recognized. Cauldron president Robert Houghton presented Nick with a fantastic gift. Nick was impressed I think.
Nick signed autographs and posed for photos for quite awhile. Someone even brought a "replica" of a seat from Arrowhead to be signed.
And yes, for those of you who know me and my previous writings, my daughter got to meet her favorite player. NICK GARCIA!
There was a huge line to get autographs from the entire team after the game.
Overall, a very good day to be a Wizards fan.
See KC Wizards 3 - 2 San Jose Earthquakes for more photos of the TIFO, the award to Nick and some Tailgate photos.


  1. It was a brilliant game. Thanks for all you do to bring us pics and interviews.

  2. Thank you for reading and your comments.