Friday, October 3, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 10-03-2008 and press conference


Lots of little news bits today.

Not sure what the starting lineup will be. Today had Souter at left mid. Yeterday Espinoza was there but Wolff was out and Souter in another starter spot. When I asked if he was starting he said he hoped so but was not sure yet.

Wolff was out because he is sick. He had some intestinal issue and was in a hospital 48hrs ago with an IV in him. He is still on a fluid only diet as of this afternoon.

In the press conference, Coach Onalfo said Josh will still play if he continues to improve through Sunday.

Lopez is out, he hurt an ankle in the last game and has not practiced much if at all.

He did not mention Davy but he was practicing today with the "starter" team. He looked ot me like he was limping when not running, but running okay.

The first press conference for the new beat reporter. He was not quite current on the Wizards but he did ask some professional reporter questions.

Jack Jewsbury was the player at the press conference.

Jimmy Conrad was hanging out watching.

The big news and I do not know the right way to report it. The short version is that Coach and Carlos Marinelli got into a disagreement in practice and Carlos left early. I do not think he even stayed around long enough for the team meeting but I could be wrong. He hung around in the parking lot talking animatedly on his phone for awhile.

None of us saw what started it but we all looked over when we heard the yelling. It went on for a minute or so. A couple players tried to hold back/guide away Carlos but he got in a few "words". I am really bummed my Spanish is not very good anymore.

And no, I did not take any photos of it. I decided at that time not to. Not sure if that was the right choice.


  1. Peopel may say should've took pictures to get the story but you took the high road or the classy route and didn't get involved in drama like a low level paparazi, good move right thing to do.

  2. Thank you. It sure was tempting though.