Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice - 10/28/2008

The team was playing one of the small side tournaments they do frequently.

Good news - Herculez did not look to have any issues after having been targeted in the New England game.

More Good news - Josh was practicing today and looked pretty quick. He was fighting pretty hard for some balls, enough that he had some words with a teammate. Nothing serious, just proof of hard play in practice.

Not so good news - Chance got a ding in scrimmages and had to come out of the scrimmage leaving his team short.

Not good news - Roger was not practicing. Sounds like he thought he would be ready later in the week (or by game time at least). He confirmed it was from being tackled in the reserve game. I asked if it was as dirty as I heard and he said it was not a good one.

Interesting news - There was a player I did not recognize. I was told he was Cuban but nobody knew his name. The official line was he was here to fill a spot for practice and stay in shape. I am sure that it was a look at each other.

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