Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice - 10/30/2008

Press conference day today, but first practice notes.

Looks like the same lineup will start based upon practice lineups.
Goalies all looked sharp. First team practiced set pieces while everyone else that was fit scrimmaged. Chance and Josh did not scrimmage. Looks like both of them may not be ready for this weekend.

Josh watching practice and catching some rays...

Press conference had decent turnout (must be the playoffs). NBC, Fox and Metro Sports all had cameras there. The Star was present as well as 3 bloggers and a Spanish media outlet (I did not catch which one). Coach was pretty upbeat today and didn't even seem to mind explaining how the playoffs work to one member of the traditional media. Coach was pretty honest in his opinions of the play of New England in the last game. If anyone wants, I can put the audio up from the press conference.

Kevin and Davy were the players at press conference. Kevin was well dressed as always and Davy is pretty happy. He is a new dad. Congrats again Davy!!!

Hey MLS Rumors, I think we found the Wizards next player.

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