Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peter Vermes interview 09 29 2008

I managed to pin down Peter Vermes on Monday. Okay, Peter allowed me to pin him down.
When I last talked to him August interview with Peter Vermes part 1 and August interview with Peter Vermes part 2, he had just been offered "THE LA JOB" and was in the process of saying no thanks. I did not realize until this interview that "THE LA JOB" was not really just a LA job. It was to run soccer operations for Anschutz Entertainment and that would include overseas soccer as well. That would be a hard job to turn down.

According to some published reports he was also offered the Head Coach job for the Sounders but turned it down as well. Now some people in Seattle seem think the job was not offered. Listen to what Peter has to say, he declines to answer directly but you can listen and judge for yourself.

In the first part we mostly talk about the jobs and why he turned them down.

In this part of the interview, we talk about the plans for the team, the draft and the juniors.

Peter Vermes watching his reserve team...


  1. Pete Vermes for Philly FC 2010!

  2. Vermes was never offered the Seattle job by anyone who actually had the authority to make the final hire.

  3. It sounds like he was offered the job by Henderson. If Chris had the authority or not, Vermes turned it down.

    So it sounds like everyone was right in what they said.

    I think by now and going forward, everyone will decline to comment further to make it go away.

  4. Vermes was definitely offered the Seattle head coaching position, and quickly turned it down. It happened Seattle. Deal with it.