Thursday, October 16, 2008

Practice observations… 10-15-2008

A Saturday game normally means a Wednesday scrimmage. One of the first things I always look for is who is on what team and then who is not playing/practicing.

Looked like the same lineup is likely, and considering the recent success that does make some sense. One thing that jumped out pretty quick was Claudio Lopez playing with the starter team up top. Looking around I saw Josh was watching from the sideline.

It sounds like he has a few dings and they are being extra cautious. Last game he was a gametime decision and played. I never found out what was wrong but he seemed to be moving okay. Josh, Lance (who was also not playing) and a coach were playing a juggling game and again seemed to have no problem. I would expect him to be a go.

Now, back to Claudio. He looked good up top. He made at least 2 goals (and they were both pretty sweet). Kinda like he did early in the year. His crosses did not look good and passing in general was okay, but his runs were great and shots even better.

I also got the distinct impression that the team is picking it up a notch. With playoffs possible and competition at almost every position, it seems that this scrimmage was played pretty hard. Harder than usual.
I may be reading too much into it, but that is what I saw.
Leathers and Espinoza fight for position...

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  1. MLS injury report had Wolff listed on it, which is why he probably sat out.