Thursday, October 9, 2008

Practice observations, news and missing player… 10-09-2008

Went out to practice Thursday. The press conference was held on Wednesday so I missed it this week.

It looks like the same lineup will be starting. I saw Claudio playing a bit so he may be back in the 18 again.

After some scrimmaging, the starters worked on set pieces. Corners, restarts from a few spots, a couple different plays from each spot were tried multiple times. I will not describe them here but it will be interesting to see if they show up in the game at some point.

Last week I noted in Kansas City Wizards Practice 10 03 2008 that there was some disagreement in practice between Coach and Carlos. I have not seen him back at practice or at the games on Sunday. I tried to get some time with Coach to talk to him about it but he had a phone interview to do. After doing a couple other interviews I was leaving when Coach went out of his way to catch me on the way out. He knew I was going to ask about Marinelli and still was willing to do the interview when he could have easily avoided it. Thanks Coach.

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