Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random shots - 10/30/2008

Well deserved - Khano Smith suspended for 3 games total

Mike plays: Wizards where are they now? Okay, we know where they are but Mike let’s us know how they are doing.

Mike names his player of month and I can not disagree.

More interviews and media game 2 – How about New media vs old?

Ives who will win in the first round poll – People are giving the Wizards almost as little chance to win as New England. The Rev’s are decimated by 2 injuries and 2 STUPID Red Cards. The Wizards are playing better than they have all year. Think it is a little better chance than New England’s.

Maradona to coach Argentina I always thought he would make a good coach for DC, of course they already know how to use their hands. But seriously Argentina, a coach?

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