Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shalrie Joseph comments...

Saturday night at New England, Revolution player Khano Smith tackled Herculez Gomez in what appeared to be an obvious attempt to injure Gomez. The ref threw a quick and justified red. Smith was the second Revolution player ejected, and it all but ended hopes of winning that game. It also further damaged New Englands chances to win at least the first playoff game against Chicago.

Shalrie Joseph discussing Khano Smith’s extremely nasty tackle on Herculez Gomez: "He didn't get a yellow, he didn't get suspended or fined or nothing. So we know coming in [to Saturday's game] that we definitely wanted to give him payback and make him know we didn't appreciate what he did to Ralston, our teammate."

Prepared statement by (for) Joseph released on Monday: "I want to apologize for my comments after our game on Saturday night against Kansas City. I was still caught up in the heat of the match. I regret implying that we were looking for payback. I know my comments don't reflect the feelings of my teammates or the club."

New England said: "There was no concerted effort to single out any player on Kansas City's squad. We would never condone such behavior or actions."

Shalrie, are you kidding? You regret implying? You did not imply, you flat out stated the truth and now you and the team are trying to CYA after the fact.

When Gomez tackled Ralston, it may have been late but it was not intentional to injure. I have interviewed Herculez twice on this now. I have asked him directly if he tried to hurt Ralston, he looked me in the eyes and said no. He felt bad for Ralston.

When Smith tackled Gomez out of bounds it sure looked like the intent to injure was there. To be honest, if the Revolution just wanted to “rough up” Gomez a little bit I would understand it. If you ever played in a league with me then you know I have no problem with that. But to go after someone like Khano did? Not acceptable.

I hope the league delivers the appropriate justice.

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  1. Smith is an average player at best. without his size and physical game he's got nothing. No ball control and no shot. He is out on the pitch for one reason only and that is to be a enforcer. I despise him as a player and a person. If i I ever get a chance off the pitch i would like to take a shot at him myself.