Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stuff I found interesting lately…

Mike over at Down The Byline found out that there may be a Kurt Morsink call up. Costa Rica will be in a tournament and may take that opportunity to look at Kurt. A few weeks a go I asked Kurt about his Costa Rica dream and it is clear he wants to play for them.

Speaking of Mike, he has his usual Sunday after stats post up. Does every MLS team have a stats geek (said with all due respect) like this? Glad we do…

MLS released the expansion draft rules. Mike and George both jumped at the opportunity to make their predictions and opinions known on who Kansas City will keep and expose. They both have a good list. I would not be surprised if Peter Vermes has some move up his sleeve that will turn all the predictions upside down.

Here is Georges post: expansion draft rules announced who does kc protect
And Mikes: expansion draft thoughts and predictions

Speaking of Seattle, Ives is reporting that Freddie Ljungberg going to Seattle as their first DP. The expansion draft rules, the players they already have signed, the players they get to keep from the USL version of the Sounders and the money behind the scenes may allow them to hit the field pretty dangerous from the start. Good chance they will not be the bottom of the West in their first year.

Goff writes about a Special day for Quaranta. Good reminder that soccer players are human with human problems. Santino has played better this year but it looks like his real success has been off the field. Good luck and stay strong dude.

I link to the blogs that I like on the right side. I have the ones that focus on the Wizards and the ones that get good info and breaking stuff around the league. Sideline Views was based in LA and at times was LA centric, they also reported on and followed the US National teams. It was also common to find info on Mexico and a lot of other good info. It is sad to see them bid a fond farewell. Andrea Canales has moved to Goal.Com and Luis Bueno will not continue the blog by himself. While Luis is a good writer I have always liked Andrea’s outlook. Can catch both of them elsewhere but will miss the combo of the two. Part of the inspiration for this blog was reading how they were providing info from practice. Thanks AC and LB…


  1. I am starting to see some stuff on the various soccer blogs that DCU may be making a play for CO as coach. What are you hearing? That would be a shame.

  2. Other teams can only dream of having a stat geek that devotes as much time to all the stuff that Mike does. He does an amazing job on that stuff. I look forward to the Sunday after stats every single week.

  3. I have not heard anything like that. Judging Coach's characterm he would not talk to anyone while his team is still in playoffs.