Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekly interview #10 - Kerry Zavagnin

Kerry Zavagnin was the winner of the week 10 interview vote. He announced that this would be his last year back in August. He has not seen much playing time with the starters since then but has not complained. He has anchored the reserve team and continued to lead both by example and by words. At reserve games and scrimmages it is the norm to hear him directing his team.
Kerry announcing in August that this would be his last year...

Kerry talks about his teams chances for playoffs, his last regular season home game, people he has looked up to and he thanks the fans.

In the press conference, Coach Onalfo was asked about the possibility of getting Kerry into the game one last time. Coach expressed his desire to see Kerry get into the game one more time. It does sound like he plans to sub Kerry in if he can.

Please do all you can coach.

As a fan, I want to see Kerry on the field one more time. We need to cheer him off for all of his efforts. He has been a class act for this team.
Kerry walking off field after warmups prior to TFC game...

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