Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekly interview #12 - Herculez Gomez

Herculez was again the top vote getter on the interview poll both here and on Down The Byline.

I had to ask him about the incident in New England and I got the answer I expected. He took the high road, too bad some Revolution players did not do the same thing. We also talked about the upcoming playoff series with the Crew.


  1. Was there more to this clip? It sounds like you were about to ask another question.

  2. No, no more questions. I think I was just wishing him good luck in the next game or something like that and did not time hittinng the stop button well. If I record it, it usually makes it to what I share on the blog. The only time I have deleted it was when the audio was so horrible no body could understand it, or when a player did not realize what I recorded is what I release. A couple have said things in jest that would not go over well.

    I do ask questions that are not recorded sometimes.