Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random shots - 11-06-2008

Goff reports that Tom Soehn to return for third season with DC United. The rest of the coaches in the east all applaud that move.

Another rumor: Lopez returning to Mexico is being discussed. I asked a couple people about this yesterday and found out nothing. Seems one or two admitted they had heard that but only online, not through the club.

Speaking of someone not saying much, Luis Bueno interviews Preki who says nothing much.

You can vote for who want to for Hall of Fame over at Ives: Who gets your vote for Hall of Fame. At last check, Preki was leading with Agoos and Stewart close behind. I think Preki would be deserving…

Ives also reports that Eddie Johnson may get more playing time. Got to take advantage of other players injuries sometimes.

Mike’s Former Wizards update is now posted.

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