Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Shots 11/21/2008

Mike has his weekly Former Wizards update and some More on MLS roster changes. I can not see how going from 18 senior and 10 development players to 20 senior and 4 development will help the league in the long run. More money to sign senior players? That is good but is bad for developing players for the future.

Reduce the dilution of the talent pool for expansion? If we need to stop the dilution now, then what are we going to do when they expand 3 more teams by 2011. I hope MLS officials can explain it if that is what happens.

Wizards sign Jewsbury and Arnaud to extensions – good news. Vermes long term plans are coming together.

Hillcrest Road is all a Twitter. He also has a Coldplay update with photos taken by the Wzards players themselves.

The Science of Soccer Online blog has a bunch of interesting (to me) articles. The author is a Professor of Exercise Science at Virginia Tech. A couple of recent articles that female soccer players may be most interested in: Fatigue increases ACL risk and Can shoe orthotics reduce ACL risk. I need to go back and read some more.

Albert Pujols joins St Louis Soccer – Gotta be good for their bid. Not sure if that will impress other team owners but getting press like that in the non-soccer media always helps.

Speaking of bids, thee is an Expansion update from Goff. It seems that the expansion board is meeting today to get presentations from some of the potential ownership groups. I talked to one of the board members yesterday and let him know my preference.

My picks would be St. Louis and Portland to get the next two spots.

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