Monday, November 3, 2008

Random shots - 11/4/2008

Hillcrest Road has now made 500 posts. Great job dude, keep it up. How do I get a job doing that?

Mike finds the Wizards after USL 1 player. Interesting, a Cuban in camp last week and now they are looking at a guy from Northern Ireland playing in Puerto Rico. Can not fault PV and CO for looking around.

The Wizards announced their team award winners on Saturday:

Defender Jimmy Conrad – Team MVP

Midfielder Davy Arnaud – Budweiser Golden Boot & KCW Heart Award

Midfielder/Defender Jack Jewsbury – Defensive Player of the Year

Midfielder Roger Espinoza – Rookie of the Year

Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman – U.S. Soccer Foundation Humanitarian of the Year

Forward Ivan Trujillo – Reserve Team Player of the Year

Mike gives his Down the Byline awards. Can’t really argue with them, but I think we need a few more. I will be working on my version shortly.

The Sunday after Stats seem small this week. Dig some more up!!!

From late last week, Wizards lowering ticket prices. Nice move by the Wizards and something not often seen nowadays. Of course my seats only go down by a half buck a game...

Andrea Canales talks about the significance of Jozy's goal. She also contrasts that with some other Americans that played in Spain. Anyone remember Tab Ramos? I never really liked him much but her article makes me look more favorably.

Interestingly, Andrea’s former blog-partner Luis has more on Jozy.

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  1. unbiased sports fanNovember 4, 2008 at 8:33 AM

    tab was rad. how could you not have been a fan?